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Web Sites

Colorado artist Kim English is teaching for me September in Paris. It will be the 5th time we've worked together in France. Check out this incredible 3 minute youtube interview with him and information about the workshop.

Greenwich Village artist Bonnie Mincu describes herself as a colorist. Click here to see why.

Long time friend and one of the original Art Students League of Denver board members Doug Dawson is a heck of an artist.

Iranian artist Mehran Saber just might remind you of Salvador Dali... He does me.

Originally from Omaha Jackie Newell brought her plein air and figurative talents to South Carolina.

Another old buddy from Denver is Jerry De La Cruz. I've always been a fan of his.

Northern Virginia artist Lydia Jechorek paints urban and rural lanscapes and anything that captures her fancy.

New York City friend and dude Marc Cavello has some outstanding graphics skills.. and musical skills as well.

Recent client Petra Spiesberger has a blog simple titled: "Live Love Paint".

Ol' bud Elle Foley of NYC, Nantucket and Del Ray, Florida was on the Cuba trip and got out to do some really nice paintings in the streets of Havana. Check out her site here and make sure you click on her Havana plein air paintings.

A couple that paints together......etc - well here's one that does. Margy and Tony Rich. I see the simplicity of design that reminds me of Diebenkorn...or Milton Avery.


Thanks for Marilyn White for sending this article about a guy who at 81 is painting 125-150 paintings a year.

wow! Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss” was superimposed on a bomb-ravaged wall in Syria. Gotta see this.

Hey, I have a reproduction of this Delacroix famous painting at home. Who's the nut messing with it?

Picasso and Sherman-Williams.. What did they have in common?

Gloria Rabinowitz tells me that later this month there will be Two Webinars Especially Designed for Artists and Their Business! Click here to find out about 'em.

Workshops coming up are right here in NYC: Phil Starke, Camille Przewodeck and Ann Blair Brown. Then Tuscany with Don Sahli and Paris with Kim English. Tuscany only has 2-3 spaces left so don't delay. In Tuscany we will be staying in villas composed of apartments near the town of Lucignano. A charming small town in the heart of Tuscany. Cooking classes and wine tasting will also be available. Watch this video of last year's Teresa Vito painting workshop at the very same villa, with a day trip to Florence.

I just returned from my Cuba workshop and the way I saw Havana was: 'Between Beautiful and Bombed Out'. What an incredible and paintable city it is! First thing I noticed was zero anti-American vibes. Everyone felt safe walking the streets at any time. I had one woman on the trip who painted alone each day and who ran alone each morning. She ran before sunrise and had no problems.

Some facts that we learned:

If you're caught with a gun - 5 years in jail. If you commit a crime using a gun you get 25 years in jail. Drive drunk and you go to jail. If you're a passenger in a car with a drunk driver you go to jail for not stopping the driver. So there are no gun problems, little violence, no gangs, 3% unemployment and no income taxes. It is also true that Fidel Castro has ruled with an iron hand leaving little room for personal freedom. But it's also true that his brother Raoul, who took over for him, started a slow process of change that continues. There are now a list of 100 activities you can do as a private business person - one of the changes being instituted by Raoul.

The successful artists make more money than the doctors, and we met a few of them (the artists I mean). Yes there are tons of old American cars: Chevy's, Plymouths, Buicks, Fords, Oldsmobiles but the engines are no longer the originals. Now they're engines from Russia, Japan and Germany.

When the Soviet Union collapsed the Cubans were left with no 'sponsors' so they turned to tourism. We met tourists from Poland, Russia, Israel (no signs of anti-Semitism here), England, France, Canada and Asia.

I shot some short videos in and around Havana. Some of the videos bounce around a bit so if you tend to get seasick take this as a warning! The first one and the second one are of Fusterlandia - the studio of famed artist Jose Rodriguez Fuster, considered the Picasso of Cuba. This one is of the famed Buena Vista Social Club. This one is a quick visual tour of Las Terrazas, the UNESCO protected biosphere an hour outside of Havana. This one is showing one of our local guides at Las Terrazas explaining and illustrating the system of food rationing. Here's one of my faves: the old classic American cars.

artist quotes

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." Scott Adams

''I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me." William Blake

"I have had three masters; Nature, Velasquez, and Rembrandt." Goya

"I thought for a change I would give up drinking, and it was a great mistake and although I reduced the size of my nose and improved my beauty, my stomach suffered." Winslow Homer

"Beauty is as relative as light and dark. Thus, there exists no beautiful woman, none at all, because you are never certain that a still far more beautiful woman will not appear and completely shame the supposed beauty of the first." Paul Klee

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