If you haven't shared your web site with the rest of us send it to me and I guarantee it will be in the next newsletter. Wouldn't you like 3100 of your peers to see what you're up to? C'mon - next month is your turn.

I just returned from my Don Sahli workshop in Italy and have been sold on the beauty of Tuscany. Tuscany is endless beauty. It seems that there's just so much space between villages - lots of wide open landscape. Here is a link to the videos I took. And here's a link to the slide show put togethe by Don's wife Cindy,

By the way, if you're in or around NYC July 13 come by my opening in Chelsea. The title of my show is the Civil War and Indian Wars. Paintings with movement and action, not to mention horses and rifles.

Web Sites

London born - and now living in Nashville, Helli Luck paints some beautiful images of people, places and things.

North Carolina painter Jane Smithers paints stark and powerful images, both in realism and abstraction.

Northern California painter Jeanette Le Grue taught a class for me last year in Honfleur. You need to look at her paintings.

Jennifer McChristian almost taught a class for me recently. Some day she will. Have a look at her paintings.

Errol Gordon might be a lawyer in Los Angeles (he is) but he also sculpts and paints when he's not winning cases.

New York City based artist Gregg Kreutz is teaching a class for me and for the Art Students League of NY in San Miguel this year.

Check out thee large scale, powerful desert paintings by San Diego artist Dirk Harman.

Another friend from the deep South - and I have many of 'em, Nancy Lloyd would like to share her new website.

Australian artist Colley Whisson will be teaching a class for me in NYC October 2014.


To demonstrate or not...That's the question. I've been organizing plein air painting trips for 20 years and have worked with all kinds of teachers. Some love to demo and some prefer not to. Some students insist on demos and some students prefer to just start painting. I think your preference will depend on your learning style.

Here are my thoughts: demos can be valuable. The downside is that students tends to become seduced by the expertise of the instructor and cares more about watching that magic happen then dealing with their own struggles. So my preference would be a compromise: a short demo on starting a painting - that's it. Not to go too far into the painting but just enough to show how to start: how to select composition and block in the shapes and values. And then let the folks paint and struggle with the process. I studied with Mark Daily at the Art Students League of Denver for 7 years. He hardly ever demonstrated. Occassionally he would come around and put a stroke of paint on my canvas to illustrate something. But the fact that he didn't demo offered the opportunity for me to develop my own style - and not mirror his.

Here's the link to the survey.

Well, is ain't paint from a tube, and brushes but is it art?

A little known factoid about Hitler and art: Apparently Egon Schiele, Oscar Kokoschka and Aldolph Hitler all applied at the same time to the Vienna Academy of Fine Art. Guess which two were accepted and which one was rejected. Kokoshcka used to wonder how the history of the world would have changed if Hitler was accepted and he, Oscar was rejected.

The Queen's Portrait was Compared to a 'Bloke Wearing a Wig'... This guy does a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and it went over about as well as the portrait painted by Lucian Freud some years ago. Read the article here. At least Freud's had some energy and passion and vitality.

Serena Williams paints a picture at Roland Garros.

Good buddy Steve Cohen sent me this 'classical sculptures dressed as hipsters'. And my dear sister Myrna sent me the link to "Celebrity Paintings: Classical Masterpieces Remixed". See Leonardo DiCaprio in a Van Gogh painting.

Watch this video on coffee drinking habits of famous artists.

Another little known factoid: Famous American sculptor Augustus St Gaudens was in Paris working on creating a statue of William Tecumseh Sherman. But St Gaudens suffered from bouts of depression. One day he decided to walk to the Pont des Arts and throw himself off. Just as he was about to do it the sun came up and illuminated the Louvre and the rest of Paris in a way you visitors of Paris can understand. At that point he said to himself "I don't want to die"... and walked back to his studio.

Ken McIndoe of the Art Students League of New York is teaching on the streets of New York City July 12 - 14.

There are only two spaces left in the Paris workshop with Kim English so move your mouse clicker over to my secure registration page to reserve your spot. Come soak up all the beauty and culture that Paris has to offer and visit one of my all time favorite places in France: Auvers-sur-Oise, where Van Gogh spent the last months of his life. A town that seems unchanged since he roamed the streets and wheatfields.

Cuba for plein air painters coming in January 2014. You will love Cuba and get hooked the way I did. Registrations have already started coming in - which makes me happy! Space is limited so this is a great time to make your reservation. We'll be painting in Havana, and in some of the countryside locations. Wait until you experience the reality of Cuba as the painter and American friendly country it is. It also boggles the mind to that in Cuba typically artists make more money that doctors!

I have two tours to Cuba coming up in 2014 that are NOT about painting. Cuba for Women and Gay Friendly Cuba.

How about a photography class in Normandy? What a great idea! Just so happens that Nancy Ori, is presenting a photography workshop to Giverny, Rouen, Honfleur and Bayeux in 2014. And she is good.

artist quotes

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." Henry Ward Beecher

"A picture is a poem without words." Horace

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." Plato

"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one." Charles Horton Cooley

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better." Andre Gide

"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun." Pablo Picasso

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