If you haven't shared your web site with the rest of us send it to me and I guarantee it will be in the next newsletter. Wouldn't you like 3100 of your peers to see what you're up to? C'mon - next month is your turn.

This is where I ask for your help. I've decided to expand my business. I still will do painting workshops but also organize cooking classes, wine tastings, gastronomy tours, all women's tours, specialized cultural tours, painting classes for beginners and more. So I need another name. A DBA (Doing Business As) that indicates not only painting but something more generic. Here's your chance to pitch in your two cents and give me your ideas. If I select one of your ideas as the winner you will get a workshop of your choice at 25% cost deduction - anytime, anywhere! Add your ideas here.

Web Sites

Stony Creek, CT artist Barbara Marks paints into the inner meanings of things.

Just discovered that famous abstract expressionist Judith Godwin is a neighbor.

Larry Larson has a couple of YouTube videos 'Renaissance Oil Painting Techniques' and here's one demonstrating 'Victorian Oil Painting Techniques'.

Michigan artist Christine Wardwell was part of the Kim English NYC workshop. Check out her plein air and studio paintings.

New York City artist Kathy Blake has a straightforward and unpretentious style.

From nuclear engineer to plein air painter check out Maryland artist Bill Schmidt's paintings.

Minnesota artist Raymond Wattenhofer specializes in landscapes and wildlife artwork.

Massachusetts artist Lisa Freidus was one of the 44 artists chosen out of 800 entries for the Manhattan Arts International Healing Arts Exhibit.

New York City muralist Anne Harris loves to paint so much she surrounds herself with it.


Take a look at these images of the Chalk man. Just Astounding!

By now you know that LeRoy Neiman died. Here's an article mentioning the comments of one elitist art critic.. I don't buy it - I appreciated Neiman's contribution to the art world. I met him at a prize fight in Aspen years ago. I was invited to get material to do some boxing paintings - it was a Vinny Pazienza fight, and LeRoy was there sketching for his paintings. Apparently, as the story goes, he wasn't all that happy that another artist was there for the same reasons.

Thanks to Robin for letting me know that the NY Botanical Gardens has built a replica of Monet's Gardens. And here's the most interesting video on Monet's life. Our Jeanette LeGrue workshop to Honfleur visited Etretat - where Monet did some of his most famous paintings. Here's a 30 second video yours truly took of our group painting there. And while on the subject of the workshop - just to prove that we also can unwind after a long day of painting.

I was thumbing through a copy of Civil War Times magazine the other day and ran into the story of Julian Scott. What a story! He earned the Medal of Honor for saving some soldiers (he was on the side of the Union) and was later wounded at White Oak Swamp. After being discharged he attended art school for a while but really became known for his paintings and drawings that humanized the common soldier rather than glorifying war. Here are some images of his work.

Yes, plein air painting has reached the shores of Long Island. They're having a plein air competition this month. Here's the info.

This is a website where you can have your art critiqued by a professional artist of your choice for a nominal fee. So, if you would like a bit of professional advice, have a painting in need of some tweaking, are seeking an unbiased analysis, or simply would like a professional second opinion, then visit this new website!

I've decided to add some fascinating trips to my schedule - and they're not all about painting. I'm bringing a group to Costa Rica in January. This is not only for painters but for for nature lovers, white water rafters, hikers, bicylists, bird watchers and more. You can find the details including daily itinerary here.

How about Cuba? That's happening too but will take some time to organize. The Treasury Department has some restrictions on travel to Cuba. A trip has to be planned in a way that incoporates cultural exhange. In other words we can't just go there to paint. We need to build in activities with local artists: demonstrations, lectures, visits to studios and more. I'll be updating information as it comes in and will share that with you.

You do know I'm teaching a class here in Greenwich Village: Putting People in your Paintings. It's going to be small in size but large in learning. Speaking of Greenwich Village, Nancy sent me "25 radical things to do in the Village".

Teresa Vito is teaching in Tuscany (and what a Villa!) in September. Speaking of Teresa Vito. One apartment left.

Julie Cohn is teaching a watercolor painting workshop in Aix en Provence September 2012. Julie can teach in any medium. If you really are interested in painting in Provence consider this workshop even if you paint in another medium. There is only one space left.

The workshop with Kim English here in NYC worked out so well I decided to do more of them here. So I signed up two great teachers for next Spring: Ann Blair Brown and Camille Przewodek.

Don Sahli is teaching a workshop in Tuscany in 2013. But this will be MORE than just painting: cooking classes, wine tasting and maybe one or two other things to do. So bring a spouse or friend.

artist quotes

"In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire." Ralph Waldo Emerson

"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing." Vincent Van Gogh

"To any artist, worthy of the name, all in nature is beautiful, because his eyes, fearlessly accepting all exterior truth, read there, as in an open book, all the inner truth." Auguste Rodin

"Man needs difficulties. They are necessary for health." Carl Jung

"What use is my mind? Granted that it enables me to hail a bus and to pay my fare. But once I am inside my studio, what use is my mind? I have my model, my pencil, my paints. My mind doesn't interest me." Edgar Degas

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